Crack Your Brain Questions For Adults


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Crack Your Brain Questions For Adults


Riddles & Quizzes Take Our Test: How Well-Traveled Are You? Are you more Marco Polo or couch potato? This quiz will determine if you're less well-traveled than you believe yourself to beI REALLY LOVED THESE RIDDLESA Small request:i want very funny and tricky riddles can can you please give it for for? - sara [September 26, 2011] I also use the brain teasers as an interlude when I sense that the session is getting a little 'heavy' especially during the afternoon sessionsjenny" what happened? harry" he had an accident in the helicopter, he crashed, he was cold so he turned off the fan :))) lol - brianna [December 11, 2013] no comment they are all amazing .if everything in this world has the talent like this we are all great right but others are very lazy discovering their own talent so we are all lazy mwuahhhhhh


Word Juxtapoz is the perfect link to making a normal classroom lesson a delight to be in- Lenessa Anderson, Trainer, USA The teasers are very refreshingContinue Sending Me Emails Please check your SPAM folderGood luckMicrosoft PowerPoint documents require the free Microsoft PowerPoint viewer- Kwan TH, a retired teacher, Singapore Highly creative, attention-holding, and fun activity- Peter Chin, Training Manager I work with people in recovery of mental illness as an adult educator and have found that your icebreakers are a great way of getting my students to think outside the square; they love them and think they are great as do II have a classroom full of 8and 9 year old children who have learned the importance of crical, creative thinking


i really pleased with these questions & ans.i need this kind of qustons more? - bhima [December 26, 2010] Revised May 2016Average (5 qns) baby2002 101142 plays 23 Riddles For You Just some riddles for your amusementQuestions - Shahid [April 1, 2013] it was nice exercisePretty nice, i liked them, best in the world! - Zoey 1645 [April 7, 2012]


Thanks for your very creative and helpful material that add "oomp" to my training sessionsI would recommend Word Juxtapoz to all those who love to teach and lead, so as to enhance their capeablity to reach out to each and everyone with the help of your innovative and creative icebreakers and fun activitiessome are a little funny and some are not but very unique! - Christy meirer [July 19, 2015] Good one and interestingMy training become so lively and colorful that all of my staff look forward to attending them regularly; it's really and truly an "art of thinking & speaking in riddles"It really interesting - Gabriel [October 21, 2014]


I's certainly mine, but is it your's too? Let's see how much you know about coffee with our stimulating quiz! Riddles & Quizzes QUIZ: Do You Know These Historical Figures? These historical people changed the world, but do you know who they are? Riddles & Quizzes Take Our Test: What is Your Level of Culture? How much do you know about culture and cultured things? Find out by taking this surprisingly accurate quiz! Riddles & Quizzes Put Your Thinking Cap on and Try to Solve These Riddles These 12 fun riddles will show just how sharp your mind isI highly recommend Word Juxtapoz for your next meeting- Jeff Peter, Sales Development consultant, South Africa I conduct "live-ins" for our students of the Senior ClassesJohn Snow [October 27, 2016] - N.MOUNIKA CHOWD [December 4, 2014] WEIRD BUT MY FRIEND MACKENZIE,AGE 11 WOULD LOVE THESE! I AM ALSO 11 - WILLOW-ANNE [March 3, 2011] hi! I LOVE THE TRICKY QUESTION - IRA [January 31, 2011] nice puzzles - jeevana [July 9, 2016] fb6239685f

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